Louise Williams

Special Counsel

T: 03 8416 3611
E: lpw@ballandpartners.com.au

Louise was admitted to practise and commenced work with John W. Ball & Sons in 2008 with the aim of specialising in health law. Prior to training and practising as a lawyer, she practised as a medical practitioner for 7 years, predominantly in paediatrics.

In her work at John W. Ball & Sons, Louise has assisted medical practitioners with litigated and unlitigated claims, disciplinary actions, VCAT hearings, Coroner’s Inquests, Health Services Commissioner complaints, Drugs and Poisons Regulation investigations, College training disputes, employment disputes, defamation claims, Workcare audits and Medicare disputes. With her medical background, she has a particular interest and skills in the management of paediatric, obstetric, IVF, plastic surgery and cancer matters.

The combination of Louise’s experience as a medical and health law practitioner allows her to understand the stresses and demands faced by medical practitioners, and their need for support when involved in litigation, disciplinary actions or training disputes.